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Photograph by Ann Mardsen

Dr.Oz and Cindy Rae

Dr. Oz looking good with
Cindy Rae while in the
Twin Cities recently.



When people think beauty, they think Cindy Rae. As one of the Midwest's premier style and beauty consultants, Cindy Rae works with celebrities and everyday people to enhance their personal beauty. By using a wholistic approach to integrate a positive outlook, balance, vibrance, and passion, as well as physical attributes, Cindy Rae helps her clients see the depth of their beauty.

Internationally trained as a professional image designer, Cindy Rae's clients include all the major networks, cable channels, retail stores, and Fortune 500 companies. Celebrity clients include actors Teri Garr and Will Smith, athletes Derek Jeter and Daunte Culpepper, and singers Prince and Alanis Morisette.

Cindy Rae also conducts workshops, seminars, group sessions, and individual consultations. Whether you're planning a professional photo shoot, a television show, a publicity campaign or a special occasion, you'll want to discover how Cindy Rae can help.

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